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This is a test of creating subject collections. For this test I used "Scotland" as the subject and all items in it are "hard coded" - so all of these items have been modified to have collection=subjectcollection-scotlandtest-hardcoded in their metadata.
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Computer Chronicles
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In the United States it's called the Silicon Valley, but in Scotland it's called Silicon Glen - the area between Glasgow and Edinburgh that is famous for high tech R&D. This program looks at several Scottish innovations including a supercomputer that maps road traffic, new low energy green lasers, intelligent phones, noise canceling headsets, distributed learning, and home energy management. Shot on location in Scotland. Originally broadcast in 1996.
Topics: silicon glen, scotland, edinburgh
Community Video
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Scottish land reform researcher Andy Wightman explaining the basics of Common Good assets in Scotland. Common Good are land, buildings and artefacts that have been given to the people of a burgh or town as common property and for benefit of their common wellbeing. For more information see:
Topics: commons, common good, scotland, andy wightman